List of ingredients

Pig and salt.

Aspect - It has a homogeneity on the surface so that it does not present clefts that may indicate excessive desiccation.

Texture - Compact, no cracks or cuts.

Color - Cut: color between purple red and pale pink, white grease.

Odor - Intense, pleasant and balanced aroma. Absence of smells anomalous.

Weight - 0.2Kg

VAT included


Storage conditions - Keep in a cool and dry place.

Instructions for use - Although it is a salty product and subsequently cured, it is necessary to cook it for consumption

Product life (Preferential consumption date) No container: F.F + 6 months Vacuum: F.F. + 6 months

Energy value
818.3 kJ/195,6 Kcal
10.4 g
of which saturated
4.7 g
Carbon dioxide
0.5 g
of which sugars
-1 g
25 g
13.7 g
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